What to expect

When you arrive at the distillery you will be welcomed by the distillery team who will take you through process of making your own full bottle of gin to take home with you.

The process includes:

  1. An introduction to the distilling process with an overview of how the copper stills work
  2. Next you will choose a set of botanicals that will create the flavour profile of your gin, we have some interesting botanicals to choose from including staples such as juniper through to the unusual such as sarsaparilla root
  3. Once you have perfected your botanical selection we will get the copper stills running to heat your botanicals with the base spirit to create the vapour that will create the gin.
  4. We will cool the gin vapour into a liquid and help you to separate the heads, from the hearts from the tails (don’t worry all will be explained) to create your unique gin
  5. We will label and bottle the gin for you and give you a copy of the recipe in case you stumble on a winning formula for a world-class gin!
  6. During the event our bar will be available with a wide range of gins and other drinks.

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